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Yantai Apollo Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2001. This biological aircraft carrier set sail on the shore of the Bohai Sea, and from here to the world, initiated the strongest voice of the great development of the biotechnology industry. Since then, in the history of human life science and biological science research, Apollo's name has been engraved solemnly.

Innovate cutting-edge technology to climb the peak of science and technology

Apollo is rooted in the 5000-year-old traditional Chinese medicine culture, drawing on the charm of Chinese culture, creating a strong and high-spirited corporate culture, and composing a beautiful movement with the main theme of revitalizing the national industry and benefiting human health.

In Apollo Company, the magnificent and modern Apollo Industrial Park, which is full of lakes and mountains, shows the company's daring to be the first, and shows the vigorous development of biotechnology in the new century.

Prosperity through science and technology has always been the policy of Apollo. Over the years, the wise Apollo people have drawn on the essence of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry for five thousand years and combined it with modern Western biotechnology. After unremitting efforts, they finally discovered the essence of human life—— Apollo active peptide has created the biological nano-encapsulation technology and the linking technology of active peptide and various trace elements, which has won 6 world patents, and has successfully overcome the problem of the short biological activity cycle of the active peptide itself. The activity of the active peptide has been increased from 15 minutes to 2 years, so that the active peptide has changed from an expensive special-purpose drug to a public health product that people can generally enjoy.

Across the border to the global innovation future

Globalization is undoubtedly a basic feature of the contemporary world. If any nation or any enterprise does not want to deviate from the path of human civilization, it will inevitably participate in the process of globalization in one way or another.

Since its establishment, Apollo has taken "creating healthy human sharing" as its corporate tenet, and unswervingly followed an international strategic route, so as to allow active peptides to go global and allow people around the world to share the health and benefits brought by active peptides. longevity.

The company has successively set up branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries and regions, and the sales network has expanded rapidly. A large-scale bio-industry group with an international structure is booming.

Seventeen years of brand leaps have created brilliance in the health industry

You will be at the top of Ling Jue Ding, and you will see all the mountains and small mountains! Apollo, standing on the highest peak of biotechnology in the world, has walked out of a glorious road of brilliant brand with a good reputation! Apollo Bio Group takes "creating a century-old brand as a century industry" as its corporate philosophy, "challenging the limit and surpassing dreams" as its brand culture, and "youth Chinese and healthy human beings" as its goal, and looks at the world and the future from the height of the roof of the world. Now it has been among the world's frontiers in life science theoretical research, and has become the leader and maker of industry standards.

Over the past few years, the company has been invited to enter the Great Hall of the People on the 11th. Apollo's brand-new concept of life and health care and the magical product efficacy have greatly shocked the distinguished guests at home and abroad.

With its cutting-edge technology content and unique brand charm, Apollo has successively won "the only health care product for the Chinese mountaineering team", "the only designated health care product for the national rock climbing team", "the only health care product for the Shenzhou-5 launch team" and "National Government". Procurement Key Recommended Unit", "2005 Chinese Diplomats Designated Gifts", "Diaoyutai State Guest House Conference Special Gifts", "Shanghai World Expo DEVNET Pavilion • International Manufacturing Innovation Festival - Designated Health Supplies" and so on. Through the unremitting efforts of all Apollo people, the scientific and technological value and brand value of Apollo products continue to reach new heights.

There are hundreds of rivers in the sea, and thousands of miles stand on the wall! The wise Apollo people uphold the dedication and ideals of the sun god, work hard and work tirelessly, and make outstanding contributions to the health of China and the entire human race!

Today's Apollo is like the rising sun, with the spirit of a mountain and the mind like the sea, casting the great cause of human health, thereby promoting human health, promoting the harmonious development of society, and making youth and health belong to everyone. Happy and warm sunshine sprinkles on the motherland and the world!



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